About Us

FibreWorld provides your business with secure and direct access to the internet across the globe.

The FibreWorld platform offers direct access to a submarine cable system and is directly peered with local and leading global Internet
Exchange Points as well as Tier 1 networks


Who We Are

  • We are licensed to operate FibreWorld Telecommunications Network Limited was licensed by the NCC to provide and operate Metropolitan Fibre Cable Network Services in Nigeria
  • Industry struggles The telecommunications industry has struggled with providing accelerated broadband infrastructure which has resulted in the poor rate of information exchange for both voice and data transfer in Nigeria
  • The Solution In other to bridge the gap in the Telecommunications industry, FibreWorld Telecommunications Network Limited is set to deploy an aerial fibre network
  • The Process FibreWorld intends to roll out aerial fibre network to provide best in class broadband to both private and corporate users as well as Enterprise customer service providers

Metro Fibre Licence

Fibreworld, currently has a  Metro Fibre Licence, issued by the Nigerian Communications Commission,  that allows the holder to deploy Fibre Optic networks in all metropolitan cities around Nigeria.

With the an exclusive electrcity pole concession from Ikeja Electric and the Metro Fibre Licence, Fibreworld has put into operation, its plan of developing an Aerial Fibre Network in Northern Lagos as a first step in achieveing its Mission and eventually its Vision.


To be the foremost medium of Voice and Data transfer in Nigeria


To put in place an efficient Fibre Optics Voice and Data transfer solutions that make effective communication available and affordable for all Nigerians


Fibreworld, currently has an exclusive Concession with Ikeja Electric Plc. This Concession grants FibreWorld, exclusive rights to all electricity poles of Ikeja Electric for the construction of an Aerial Optic Fibre network